I do Business with Open Source. You should too.

      Hi! My name is Paweł. I am passionate about Open Source Entrepreneurship and hopefully I will blog about this here. For now you can follow me on the social networks listed above to see what I am up to.

      I was born in November 1992 and have built my first website at the age of 12. While in high school, I have worked for my premier commercial clients and created initial bits of code, which ultimately became an open source project. Few years into the future, Sylius is one of the most promising e-commerce platforms in the world of PHP, with over 250 code contributors and used by thousands of developers.

      These days I am busy leading the project towards its stable release and managing a commercial company Lakion, which supports the community and provides training, consultation and development for brands & start-ups who want to power their business with Sylius technology.

      I had the great opportunity to talk about Sylius and share my experience at various events, including international IT conferences in London, Oslo, Madrid, Stockholm, Verona, Belgrade, Kiev, Rovinj, Warsaw and more...

My open source project became an exciting adventure, making developers like their job again and businesses growing thanks to its flexibility. Sylius packages have been downloaded over 1,500,000 times and power many complex applications all over the world.

I co-founded Lakion, an IT company focused on delivering the best solutions on top of Sylius and Symfony framework. Our clients include established brands & start ups from London, Boca Raton and Paris.

code.talks Commerce 2016 Sylius - Decoupled eCommerce

19-20.04.2016 - Berlin, Germany

Kariera IT Open Source Driven Career

12.03.2016 - Łódź, Poland

PHPers Poznań Sylius - Framework for eCommerce

23.02.2016 - Poznań, Poland

PHPBenelux 2016 Modelling By Example (workshop)

29-30.01.2016 - Antwerp, Belgium

BrnoPHP 2015 You should be an Open Source Developer

14.11.2015 - Brno, Czech Republic

PHP Barcelona Conference 2015 Rapid REST API development with Symfony

30-31.10.2015 - Barcelona, Spain

code.talks 2015 Sylius - Decoupled E-Commerce

29-30.09.2015 - Hamburg, Germany

PHP Summer Camp 2015 Modelling By Example (workshop)

25-28.08.2015 - Rovinj, Croatia

Ruby User Group Monetizing Open Source Software

18.06.2015 - Łódź, Poland

SOLIDay Sylius under the hood

30.05.2015 - Belgrade, Serbia

PHPDay Sylius - E-Commerce framework for PHP

15-16.05.2015 - Verona, Italy

4Developers 2015 Sylius - E-Commerce framework for PHP

20.04.2015 - Warsaw, Poland

SymfonyCon 2014 Sylius - E-Commerce for Symfony2

27-29.11.2014 - Madrid, Spain

NovemberCamp 2014 Introduction to Sylius - Symfony2 E-Commerce

14.11.2014 - Stockholm, Sweden

SymfonyLive London 2014 Sylius - E-Commerce for Symfony Developers

25-26.09.2014 - London, UK

PHPCon Poland 2014 First steps with Sylius E-Commerce (workshop)

26-28.09.2014 - Szczyrk, Poland

PHP Summer Camp 2014 Building E-Commerce apps with Sylius (workshop)

03-06.09.2014 - Rovinj, Croatia

The 7th European Economic Forum Lakion and Sylius E-Commerce

14-15.10.2014 - Łódź, Poland

eZ International Days Getting Started with Sylius

03.06.2014 - Oslo, Norway

London Behat Meetup Behavior Driven Development in Open Source

London, UK

Symfony Camp UA 2013 Immersion in the Sylius

Kiev, Ukraine

SymfonyCon 2013 Migrating overnightprints.com to Symfony & Sylius

Warsaw, Poland

WSUG Sylius - E-Commerce dla Symfony

Wrocław, Poland

PHPers Silesia Sylius - E-Commerce dla Symfony

Katowice, Poland

Developers Camp Wprowadzenie do Sylius

Wrocław, Poland

You can drop me a message to contact@pjedrzejewski.com or use this form: